APTF VIZAG: Learn a word a day Date : 01.07.2023 words list for level 1 2 3 4

Learn a word a day Date : 01.07.2023 words list for level 1 2 3 4

లెర్న్ ఏ వర్డ్ ఎ డే లో లెవెల్ 1,2,3,4 వారికి ఈ రోజు Date : 01.07.2023 నేర్పించాల్సిన పదాలు

Level : I

Classes : I, II

Word of the day : Lock (తాళం/బీగం)

Spelling : L O C K 

Meaning : A lock is a tool that keeps a room, house, drawer, or box securely closed.

Phonetic Script :

/ lɒk/

Other forms : 

Lock (Noun)

Lock - Locked - Locked (Verb)


1. Lock the door.

2. They locked the door and went out.

3. The lock is on the table.

4. I will open the lock.

Level : II

Classes : 3, 4, 5

Word of the day : Invite (ఆహ్వానించు)

Spelling : I N V I T E  

Meaning : to request the presence or participation of. invited us to dinner 

Phonetic Script :

/ ɪnˈvaɪt

Other forms : 

Invite - Invited - Invited (Verb)

Invitation, Invitation (Noun)

Synonyms : ask, request, solicit

Usage : 

1. He invited me for dinner.

2. We should invite all to the party.

3. I am sorry, I didn't invite you to the function.

4. I am going to invite my teachers to my art show..

Level : III

Classes : 6, 7, 8

Word of the day : Static(స్థిరమైన/కదలని/చలించని)

Spelling : S T A T I C 

Meaning : lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in an undesirable or uninteresting way.

Phonetic Script :

/ ˈstætɪk /

Other forms: 

Static (Adj) Statically (Adv)

Synonyms : fixed, steady, unchanged, stable 

Usage : 

1. The population of our town remained static.

2. My house address never alters, it is static.

3. Let us take a static image.

4. Constitutional texts are not static.


Level : IV

Classes : 9, 10 

Word of the day : Protest (నిరసన/అసమ్మతి)

Spelling: P R O T E S T

Meaning : express an objection to what someone has said or done.

Phonetic Script :

/ *prəʊtest/

Other forms : 

Protest, Protests (Noun)

Protest - Protested - Protested (Verb)

Synonyms : object, question, criticise, complain

Usage : 

1. He resigned in protest at the decision.

2. The protest was held peacefully.

3. He participated in the protest.

4. The protest was against discrimination.

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