School Education - School Sanitation - Engagement of Sanitary workers under School Sanitation - Certain Guidelines issued

An amount of Rs 5,000 P.M to be paid to the Sanitary workers as Honorarium
The sanitary worker will be appointed by the Head master/ Mistress with the approval of resolution passed with the Parent committee of each school.

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(b) The sanitary workers have to be engaged as per the following required strength on the blocks, urinals etc., which are to be taken into consideration.
Students No. of sanitary workers to be engaged
Up to 100 students 01
101 to 500 02
so1 to 1000 03
Above 1000 04

(c) An amount of Rs, 5000/- P.M. to be paid tu the sanitary worker as Honorarium towards attending sanitary work and any work entrusted by the Head master/Mistress concerned.
(d) Ammavodi amount shall be used to meet the honorarium by passing a resolution by HM and Parents committee and proper registers (already communicated) shall be maintained with all transactions.

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