AP Samagra Shiksha - SIEMAT / Quality Education - Commemoration period of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi will be concluding on 2nd October, 2020 - Organizing the quiz on Mahatma Gandhi by the NCERT - Certain Instruction - Issued.

గాంధీజీ 150 వ జయంతిని పురస్కరించుకొని QUIZ programmes ను NCERT ,Delhi వారు మూడు విభాగాలలో నిర్వహించుచున్నారు.
అవి  1.3rd to 5th. ,  2.6th to 8th.
3.9th &10 th.కు ఉంటుంది.
This is to inform and appraise you about the development and readiness about the Discover Gandhi Portal and App.
The quiz will be open from 2 OCTOBER, 2020 starting on 10.00 AM and will close on  1st NOVEMBER, 2O2O midnight.
The web portal and mobile App are ready for launching the Quiz on Gandhi Ji.
The quiz platform has following broad categories: 1. Homepage, 2. Blog, 3. Gallery, 4. Quiz, 5. Resources,

The quiz portal can be accessed at: http://gandhiparichay.in/

And the Discover Gandhi mobile App can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store on Android mobile phone –


For logging into quiz, the participants have to register on the DIKSHA portal to take part in the Quiz. ln details, please provide information like your name, class, date of birth, gender, school name, mobile number(your parents/guardian) and schools' name.
Click Here To Download Complete Proceedings 
A total of 250 multiple choice questions in both English and Hindi medium have been developed by NCERT for the quiz,
Each question in the quiz is in multiple choice formats and with only one correct answer.
Each question carries one mark. Students are required to attempt all questions in each category. No negative marking will be done
All those who answer maximum questions will be awarded
For learners with visual impairments there is text to speech option in both the medium i.e. English and Hindi.
You are allowed to attempt the quiz only once and only one option will be accepted for a question. However, you may revise your answer before final submission.
After responding to a question, click on the "next question" button to go to the next question.
After attempting questions, final submission should be clicked, No change can be made after the final submission.
Answer will be published after the closure of the Quiz.
The questions are largely based on Mahatma Gandhi's life history, his teachings, values, ideas and major contributions.
The questions are factual as well as to test the critical thinking skills of the learners,
The questions have also been categorised into primary, middle, secondary, and senior secondary levels as indicated in the Ministry's letter,
The Quiz items are meant for children from the primary classes-III to V, Middle- VI to Vlll and Secondary /Senior Secondary lX to Xll.
The time duration of the quiz will be 15 minutes
And the winners will be selected on the basis of maximum number of correct responses in shortest time duration.
Each participant will be given a certificate of participation and three best winners would be selected from each category and their names will appear on MoE website and social media handles,
Please find attached a detailed documentation on the Gandhi Portal & App for your kind perusal.
Note: the decision of NCERT, New-Delhi will be final in all Quiz related matters.

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