Memo.No.11021/422/2020-EST 1-CSE Dt:18/08/2020 School Education – CFMS- Implementation of Human Capital Management Module - Instructions to all the Directors, Additional Directors, Joint Directors, Regional Joint Directors Principal of IASEs, DEOs and DDs in the State to expedite the filing of Service events (SR) in e-SR module

E-SR  ( SR  ఈవెంట్స్ ) DEO /RJD /DD లకు ప్రక్రియ వేగవంతం చేయమని CSE వారి తాజా ఆదేశాలు విడుదల .Memo.No.11021 dT:18/08/2020
Hence, all the officers are requested to visit and
1. Submit their service details from part 1 to part 12 (sub menus)
under e-Service Book Entry menu.
2. After submitting the details, these are available at one place under
view and confirm sub-menu. Employee need to confirm the servicedetails through Bio-metric.
3. The confirmed details will be available in their respective DDOs login for further confirmation proces

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