APTF VIZAG: LEARN.A WORD A DAY 06.11.2023 words list for level 1 2 3 4

LEARN.A WORD A DAY 06.11.2023 words list for level 1 2 3 4

లెర్న్ ఏ వర్డ్ ఎ డే లో లెవెల్ 1,2,3,4 వారికి ఈ రోజు Date : 6.11.2023 నేర్పించాల్సిన పదాలు

Level -1 (1,2 classes) 

BANYAN: మర్రి చెట్టు.


Parts of speech: NOUN.

Synonyms: figtree

Other forms: banyans.

Usage: 1. This is a banyan tree.

2.The banyan tree is very big.

Level:2 (3,4&5 classes)

SYMMETRY:సౌష్టవం, సమరూపత 


Parts of speech: NOUN

Synonyms: similarity, harmony.

Antonyms: dissimilarity, inequality.

Usage:1 The heart symbol is the perfect example of symmetry. 

2. What Is symmetry?

Level 3 (6,7&8 classes)

UNFOLD:మడత విప్పుట/తెరుచుట.


Synonyms: open,spread.

Antonyms: close, conseal.

Parts of speech: VERB.

Other forms: unfolds, unfolded, unfolding.

USAGE:1.She has unfolded the paper.

2. Buds unfold in the sunshine.

 LEVEL-4 (9&10 classes)



Parts of speech: Verb/Noun

Synonyms: bear, provide.

Antonyms: reject, refuse.

Other forms: affords, afforded, affording.

Usage:1.He can afford an apartment. 

2.1 know the spelling of afford.

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