APSSA, Amaravati – Conduct of elections to Parents Committee elections 2019 – Further instructions issued

Parents Committees for high schools: Since SSA & RMSA have been merged into Samagra Shiksha for 2018-19 onwards there shall be only one SMC for high school in the place of SMC for Upper Primary school and SMDC for high school as existing now. Hence, Parents Committee election should be held up to 10th class for all high schools also.
Uploading the data on STMS app: The details of the Parents Committee of each school viz., elected members, ex-officio members and coopted members;
similarly the details of Chairperson and Vice-chairperson to be uploaded in the format that will be included in the STMS App. Two photos (i) depicting conducting of
Parents committee election, and (ii) Parents Committee meeting. The school HM
concerned should upload the details and photos in the app. Support may be taken
from the CRPs or any other field functionary.
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